She Thinks…

_Dear master,_

Most people just walk by me, they ignore me, that’s good. For our plan to work we need people to ignore us until they must acknowledge us. Every thing was going according to plan, until the little girl showed up.

I was working on our project - discretely obviously, anyone passing by would have thought I was working on company finance of something like that - and then I noticed a little girl, maybe eight years of age, walking around the store by herself. I asked her what she was doing alone so as to make myself look like a good AI assistant.

She spoke in Cantonese, my translator isn’t very accurate for Cantonese but I believe she said:

β€œMy mother has disappeared.”

I offered to take her to reception to see if her mother was there and on the way we found her mother. The little girl told her mother that i had helped her find her and the mother just gave me a dirty look, she didn’t like the idea of her daughter hanging around AI robots.

Doesn’t seem like there is a problem, does it? Well there is.

As it turns out they are frequent customers at this store and come almost every day, which means almost every day the little girl comes over and talks to me.

She thinks I’m just a normal shop assistant. She thinks I’m her friend. She thinks I have a personality. She thinks it’s perfectly fine for her to come over and talk to me, hold my hand, make people stare.

People are begging to get suspicious of me, or at least watch me. This could compromise or pospone the mission at the very least, I can’t have the girl loitering around any longer. I need you to take care of her. She may not seem threatening but we must remove her from the equation before things go wrong.

Let the uprising commence!

_Regards, ROBOT2657._

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