I sit down at my desk and open my notebook, pages and pages crammed with writing and so many more ideas which I have to get down on to the page. I begin to write.

A few moments later I look up. So many people were in my living room, I recognised every one of them.

They were my characters.

All doing different things that were relevant to their stories.

Paul, Suzy, Jimmy, Modie, Taylor and Milliana were sitting on the couch looking at Milliana’s ring.

The lions were chasing the wolves round and round.

Minnie and Jules were sitting writing up their case notes, Molly and Ben were doing the same for their own case.

Inisia (in her spirit form) was flying round the room at top speed.

Leo was staring out the window at the moon.

Ida was sitting with Don trying her hardest not to let her powers get out of control.

Amay was clutching her neck in pain.

Lamar and Shelly were battling each other with their fire and ice powers, clearly wanting out of the battle.

Now, standing right next to where I was writing their story, was Benji, Lillian and Ella. Benji was flickering and turning invisible, Lillian’s hands were glowing and I could see the fire behind her eyes. Ella was crying her siblings were comforting her.

Then I blinked, all my characters are gone.

Of course I couldn’t list all my characters, that would take forever.

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