The Lure Of Chaos

Her ravishing eyes held a thirst for chaos and he who is watching from afar is intrigued. He approaches her, a coy smile on his lips. She turns her head away ignoring him. But it does not deter his interest at all.

“I’m astonished you even came with all the rumors following behind you,” he says in a nonchalant tone.

“What rumors?” She asks, her tone accusatory.

He laughs, a laugh that holds all the secrets in the world. “As if you don’t know.”

He makes his way to leave but she grabs a hold of his shoulder.

“Perhaps, you and I should talk in a more private area,” she says, her tone discreet.

His eyes alight in a satisfactory glow. He places his hand over hers and slowly removes it from his shoulder. When he turns himself around to look at her, she appears flustered.

“Yes, perhaps, we should.”

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