Who In Time Am I?

I have always been fascinated with past lives and wondered who I was, as I am famous, a Princess, a Witch, a Mermaid or a Fairy or just some regular person in history which be boring. I had been interested in the many ways you could find out who you were in a past life and I’d been searching. I had gone to VooDoo doctors, Witches, and all manner of wonderful and exotic people but they all told me something different and it was never anything believable and they all charged so much.

I was walking out of my latest psychics shop, this one was sworn by my sister to be an authentic deal. I was about to cry all she had told me was that I would find what was looking for when I stopped looking for it, my answer would find me.

I could hardly see where I was going and almost fell over a man at bottom of the shop's steps. I’m so sorry I kept repeating over and over. He was a very nice man who helped me to my feet. Didn’t find your answers in there? You probably never will all they are, are a bunch of frauds intent on taking your money. So, what is it you are seeking their help for? He made me feel at ease his voice made me want to tell him anything. I apologized again for bumping into him and started to walk away. Before I got too far he put a business card in my hand, maybe I can help.

I sat at home thinking about the conversation with the man with the soft soothing voice. I wanted to hear it again. I took the business card out of my pocket and read that he was a psychotherapist and among the things he did was hypnosis. Maybe he could me. I made the phone call and spoke to the receptionist. She took my information down and I asked if she needed my insurance information. She giggled and asked me what on earth was that.

Now that I thought about there had been some funny things going on and smells and the way people dressed, but I could just be hallucinating still from the VooDoo doctor's potion he said it would last a few days. The next morning I went to the office and was looking around and the town looked like something out of one of those wild west movies. Where was I and how did I get here? I was even dressed like one of the fancier ladies. I walked into the office and she offered me tea.

When I went into his office he asked me what I had so desperately looking for? I told him that my time I had been looking for my past life and I guess I must have found it because I was now living it, but I want to go back. He said would see what he could do. He put to sleep or hypnotized me and I woke up at home in my bed in 2021. I am messing with that past lives or VooDoo stuff ever again.

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