Drug Runner

The wind is whistling past as i use all my strength to paddle down the river to get to the warehouse before i get caught. As i am paddling i think about how i am going to explain to my wife why her husband is being hunted by the FBI. As i reach the entrance to the warehouse my boat gets dragged backwards. As panic rises in me as i think I’ve been captured a figure emerges from the warehouse entrance and begins firing towards the FBI behind me. In the midst of the chaos i leap from the boat and swim towards the warehouse.

“Jay!” I shout as i swim through the entrance, “close it up!”

As the entrance closes a single shot hits me in the back and everything goes dark.

When i wake up three days later i see a familiar face, “Jay”, i say

“How are you feeling Daniel?” He asks

“A bit sore from swimming but other then that i feel fine”

He nods his head then says, “Once Aiden is finished informing the boss of the delivery he wants to speak to you.”


“In the meantime, i would try recommend getting some rest” says Jay as he walks out. A few hours later Aiden comes in and tells me the boss wants to speak with me. As i walk in my eyes go wide as to what i see on the monitor.

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