The Hungry Doll Babies

An armless legless porcelain torso flung itself at Teddi’s head. She ducked and the torso exploded against a tree trunk. Lee opened his umbrella against a sudden shower of doll heads.

“There!” Teddi shouted pointing towards a fisherman’s hut.

Teddi shifted into a dark ginger bear, tossed the lanky wizard on her back, and ran to the safety of the hut.

Shooting blue tinged magic Lee swatted away the legion of violent dolls. Melted plastic smoke burned their eyes.

They slammed into the abandoned shanty. Lee barred the shutters while Teddi moved a Hoosier to block the front door. Breathing hard Teddi shifted back to human form.

Lee handed her a long apron. The hut was peppered by dozens of hard tiny hands.

“Speaking baby dolls I noticed they’re showing Babyface at the revival house on the mainland. You like Barbara Stanwyck right?” Lee asked.

“No I don’t like Stanwyck I love Stanwyck. Are you really doing this right now?”

The sound of teeny tiny feet raced over the roof.

“I’m a freak. I’ve spent most of my life devoted to ancient magical tomes. I’m more afraid of asking you out than getting my toes gnawed by homicidal doll babies,” Lee said.

“It’s good to see you being stupid,” Teddi said. “Wait they want to eat us alive?”

Lee kissed her tenderly. A curly blonde head fell through the roof and rolled towards them. Lee fried it with an impatient shrug. He pressed his head to hers.

“Oh Theodora dolls are always hungry.”

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