Queen Of Swords


Charges forward



A thing of nature.

Her gaze might be considered cold, by some.

But her heart

Belongs to the people

Under her care.

You’ve heard her tell

The best jokes you’ve ever heard

Especially on days when you need a pick-me-up.

She always values your opinion,

Offering her advice in return.

Her eyes are wizened,

Marked by time,

Marked by victories and tragedies.

A steely coolness that remains both inviting and distanced.

Her voice can be harsh,

Like shards of glass.

And for a moment, you wonder

What you might’ve said or done

To make her so cold.

But you know.

And she knows.

She wants to see you

At the best you can be.

Wants to see you succeed,

Wants to see you not make the same mistakes

She might have made in her youth.

They say being truthful can be hurtful.

And true, her words can feel that way.

Are you angry? Upset?

Have my words wounded your heart?

Have I displeased you?

She can be your closest friend,

And your harshest critic.

For the same reasons

Mother birds

Push their offspring out of trees

In the spring.

Will you fly,

Or fall?

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