Dear Diary.

Look, I knew that getting into the academy would take some…extreme measures, anyone who want to be on top was come to the same conclusion. So what’s the problem with what I’m doing?

So, basically, there is a private waiting list for this expensive-ass school. You get told that you got excepted then that’s it, you’re put in a line, told what place your in, and that’s it. But! I got my hands on the people that were in front of me.

Impressive right? I mean it wasn’t easy hacking the most prestigious schools systems to gain private info.

Anyway, I found these peoples names and decided, after a quick online search, that none of them are better then me!

So I thought; whats an easy way to cut them out of the list? I could’ve gone through and manually retracted their applications but that takes time, and a lot of research. You know what doesn’t?

Finding out where someone lives, which is surprisingly easy btw, and cutting the breaks to their car!

Or—or, my favorite one! Breaking into this one girls house and turning on her gas-top stove. I mean, who even has those anymore? What a bitch.

The most tragic part of it all is that my sister was above me! Like, really? This dumb bitch was supposed to go in there first, no sweetie, no. Stopped that bullshit real quick.

She was older, gonna die first anyway. Why not at 19? She lived her best years, gonna miss her car though, shame it lit on fire…

Welp, enough of my bragging! Goodnight dairy, I’ll see you tomorrow! I’ve still got 4 people left :)

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