End Of The World

“Hello citizens of Metrodalia, this is a governmental message coming from the head of house”

Everyone hushes after this is said, and look up at the glassy sky where the announcement is being broadcast.

“Do to too many servers being created, because of the increase in population, I am sorry to inform you that all seven million citizens living in Metrodalia, city 337828, will be terminated in five minutes. Have a great day!” The announcements go off and everyone freezes for a second.

I was always worried this would happen to me. That once I transferred to live in the digital world, the servers would get so big, some people would have to be deleted. But I never thought they’d delete a whole city.

I almost can’t believe it. I have gotten so used to the idea of living in a server forever, that death just wasn’t something I thought of.

I look around, hoping for some proof that I imagined it all. But it was all real.

Riots of people stampede the highways demanding to speak to the manager.

To my left two big guys start arguing, when they have only four minutes left to live.

“This is because they elected Smith as our head of house!” Screams the man in the blue shirt.

“No it’s because your party can’t shut up about reducing the population!” Screams the other.

And on top of all this madness, I see a mob of people, on there phones, streaming.

My mouth drops initially in disbelief, then disappointment.

A young man with pointy black hair and thick chain neckless takes out his phone and starts recording.

“Hey peeps, what’s up, it’s your boi Levin here, and there has been some news going around that they are unplugging my city. Nobody needs to worry, because I have this theory that the government it doing this to create a distraction from their real plans, and we’re all ok.” He starts going on a tangent of conspiracy and pointless remarks.

Sometimes, it takes the end of your world to remember people like this exist.

They could be panicking, praying, saying goodbyes, but they just sit here and waste their last five minutes.

With a minute left on the clock, I call my boyfriends who is currently in another city, to say my goodbyes.

But he hangs up.

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