Second Thoughts

I will never go on a date with an adrenaline junkie again.

I stared at Frazier who was hanging outside of the 4th floor window of the city hall building.

It was National Climbing Day and Prairie Creek, our quaint little town, was very enthusiastic about celebrating it. It’s not like we were home to the best climbers in the world or anything.

The mayor, Monty Matthews, used to be an avid climber when he was young and now he has reflected his obsession on all of the people of Prairie Creek.

In my 22 years here I never cared about such a pointless day due to my fear of heights. But this was the year that I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone.

I re-downloaded Catcher, our janky local dating app, and I put all my eggs in a basket hoping that I’d run into some luck.

Frazier was not lucky. He was hot and he had a job. And apparently he was good at lying as he never mentioned anything about being an avid climber on his Catcher profile, or his familial relation to Mayor Monty Matthews (second cousin, twice removed).

“Greta, you’ll love this! Woohoo!” Frazier yelled up at me. I peered over the window ledge. I can’t believe Prairie Creek would allow such a thing.

I shook my head vigorously and forced a smile. “No thanks” I yelled back. I glanced to the ground, which looked like a million miles down.

My palms began to sweat and my legs started to shake. No man was worth this much physical anxiety. I looked at Frazier one more time. He was so handsome and fun and adventurous…and hot.

But I didn’t sign up for this. I mean, not really. Not the climbing part. Who even does that for a first date?

My profile strictly highlighted my love for peppermint tea and reading books in quiet places. I wiped my hands on my jeans and tried to ignore my heart beating wildly in my chest as I yelled to Frazier once more.

“Hey, I’m not really comfortable doing this. I’m sorry I led you to believe otherwise. I’m gonna go”.

Before Frazier could answer I turned around and walked to the stairwell door taking my steps to freedom one by one.

No man was ever going to get me to rappel off of a building no matter how good he looked.

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