She's Not Who She Says She Is

She's not who she says she is.

She plasters on a smile,

Though she is hurting deeply.

And she hides her true feelings,

Afraid of what people will say.

She says she is happy,

But when she is alone in her room at night,

Thousands of tears fall.

Loneliness eats her up from the inside,

She puts up a brick wall,

Hiding her feelings and acting as if she is happy.

Because her life isn't all that bad right?

Well, at least that's how other people view it.

Though they never seem to notice her sorrow and pain,

They say all she ever does is complain.

So, she decides to keep quiet,

Afraid that people will judge,

For her problems are big,

But not big enough.

She is not who she says she is.

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