My name has always been something I try to hide. People think because my name is Pandora, I’ll release great evil. Granted, I can understand their worry’s since I have trouble controlling my magic, but my name doesn’t define me. I always wondered why my parents would call me this. Were they purposefully trying to make life difficult for me? I’ll never know, because I was told they both died when I was an infant.

I sit in a park bench, holding one finger up and watching a small flame at the tip. I haven’t always been the best at fire magic. It’s the hardest element to master. As I move the flame from finger to finger a boy sits next to me. He where’s a large trench coat, black gloves, and he looks around my age. We sit in silence for about a minute until he begins speaking.

“It’s quite a chilly day isn’t it?” He says.

I’m stunned for a moment that he’s speaking to me but I then respond, “well, thats when fire powers come in handy”.

He smiles as he sees the small flame on my tip. “I haven’t been able to master that yet”.

Now I’m smiling to as I try to make the flames bigger.

“May I?” He says while he takes of his gloves.

I nod my head and soon his hands hover over the small flame. A sense of relief washes over his face and he shivers no longer.

“What’s your name?” He ask’s.

As I am about to respond I think about what would happen if I tell him. Would he get scared. That’s how most people react. I wouldn’t blame him, my name means unleashing great evil.

“I prefer not to say” I tell him as the flame slowly flickers away.

He now frowns and removes his hands from over the flames.

“And why is that?”

“You probably wouldn’t want to be around me if you knew” I say while keeping my head down.

“Well, give it a try”.

I take a deep breath before telling him, preparing to lose the only guy that ever talks to me.

“My name is Pandora. Kind of like Pandora’s box”.

He looks shocked when I tell him. His eyes widen and his expression is blank.

“I’ve heard of the cursed girl named Pandora around town” he says. “I just didn’t know someone really was named that”.

I get up and begin getting ready to leave but he says something I never heard before.

“I like the name”, he says.

I turn and look at his brightly lit face staring directly at me.

“What?” That is the last thing I expected to hear him say.

“Pandoras box is not evil. It kept in great evil. If anything, I would call that heroic.”

I sit back down now even closer to him.

“What’s your name?”

“Killian” he says.

“Well Killian, how about meeting back here tomorrow” I say.

He grabs his backpack and hat and gets up. “I would love that” he says.

I watch him as he walks away and disappears into the crowd of people.

For once I am proud of my name.

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