One Night that’s all it took for me, an average teenaged girl, to become a social media sensation. I only made one post on my new Instagram account about how the world needs to find their own voices again. Lately, my family has been struggling financially and I was trying to find a way that my brother and I could help. Then it snapped, create an account on Instagram to spread awareness about how much financially struggling kids go through. I mean look at my little brother, Isaac, for example, who has to go to school, get bullied because he has autism, come home, listen to our parents fight, and repeat everyday. I mean, I feel bad for the poor kid. Also, before you ask, Isaac said it was okay to use his story as the caption to the post when I was making it. Anyways, I made that post about 6 hours ago and it already got 9.5K likes and my account 6 Million followers. When I showed my mom this morning our idea she got furious ,like I’m grounded now furious. I don’t understand what the big deal is about the post. Now I have to go to school tomorrow with out my phone and I have to ride the bus! Ugh!

When I got to school everyone was staring at me. I dunno why though. Did I forget to brush my hair?! Oh… I know now they all saw my post and since I am the “quiet girl”, everyone’s wondering on what I have to say. I really hope Isaac isn’t having to go through this. Then I got called to the principal’s office and everyone in there had a look of pity in their eyes. “ Yes Sir?” I said as I sat down.

“Melody, do you know why I called you in here today?”

“No Sir, why did you call me in here? Am I in trouble for something?”

“Oh sweet heavens no, Melody, Your mom called in and told me about what happened yesterday morning. I was wondering if there is any way my staff or I could make your life easier during these tough times?”

“ Oh I’m fine sir, but, you see I am worried about my little brother who goes to the middle school, you see he’s getting bullied because he’s autistic, sir, and I made that post to spread awareness about how words could hurt more than sticks and stones contrary to that saying “ Sticks and stones can break my bones but your words can’t hurt me.” So therefore I was wondering if you would be a dear and tell the middle school principals about the matter so my brother will stay safe, please.”