Run Boy, Run!

It had been fifteen years since the sun had last risen.

Everybody was causing chaos, upon seeing first light. And once again, the world began to burn.

Fires erupted throughout the grounds of Jasper, the planet that was supposed to be furthest from the lava ridden star. However, every fifteen years, solar rotation placed Jasper right at its side.

The people ran to their underground bunkers, a system that came familiar ever since the citizens could remember. It was protocol at this point. Stay underground, the soil will protect you from the heat.

Though there was only one person that didn’t retreat into cover, as the planet-in motion-veered toward the sun.

“Run, run dammit!” A screaming stranger cursed at the boy who stood in place.

But instead of the boys skin burning and scrunching up, or flaking off and melting from the bone. His skin was blue.

“Run! Run boy run!” A woman screeched, with disgusting forming boils on her face and a limp in her step.

But he didn’t run, he wouldn’t.

The blue boy stared up at the sun, and the sun stared right back down. And like the two were made from the same god, neither hurt the other.

And the boy was peace.

And the sun was no longer wrathful.

Jasper burned beneath the boys feet, and he didn’t feel a thing.

He couldn’t.

For a dead boy cannot feel.

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