Two Mejiro

A reluctant witness. A hostile witness in legal speak. A tiny green bird with a comical white colored circle around the eye. They can be called Japanese white eye aka Mejiro. Also, the Warbling white-eye. A curious little clown they love to preen after a quick splash in the bird bath. The Mejiro are wee thieves that steal material for their nests from other birds. By opening and closing the beak in rapid succession they make a clicking noise to gossip among themselves.

Click click. Did you see that? The chicken lady was

talking to herself. Click click. People don’t talk to chickens. Click click. Chickens are pests. Neighborhood scourge. Stinky, loud and messy. It’s not neighborly to have wild chickens running amok. Someone might want to take matters in hand and get rid of them.

Did you hear that! It sounded like a rifle shot! Fireworks? Chicken lady lying on the ground full of chicken excrement. Chickens flitting about. Squawk Squawk. Little green birds up in the trees. Reticent

witnesses. White-eye side eye. Click click. We didn’t seeeeee anything.

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