Everything in cold…

It has been like this as long as I can remember. The chill seeping into my bones, penetrating every muscle, and nerves before slowly creeping towards my heart.

Inch by inch.

I can see nothing, for my eyelids have frozen shut, nor can I feel anything for my fingers have turned numb. All I feel is cold. Every inch of my body is touching something cold… but I know what it is.


My memories are fragmented shatters of the past. Unable to grasp at any, I just lay there, in the cold. Dimly, I know I must have hit my head or else I could’ve easily remembered anything else except for the cold.

The cold is my constant companion, but it takes from me. As minutes go by, more heat from my body is being stolen away from me by my only friend. Warmth is but a distant dream, something I can’t remember but ache for with my whole body. Like it remembers being alive before this cold.

I don’t know why it’s so mean… I didn’t do anything to it, but maybe it just likes to torment me. To drive me insane as it slowly tries to kill me.

Fitting for me, I guess. A nobody. Dying alone in this ice prison until the numb finally takes my heart and it stops beating.

So I lay there, immobile to the world, until I at last say goodbye to my friend and my enemy, and let the warmth take me that only comes in my dreams.

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