Making A Splash

Fuuuuuuccckkk what in the

Noo no no no no. Did those assholes throw me down…Where is all this blood coming from?

How fast am I going? God WHEN do I hit this goddamn water, I’ve been falling for an eternity. Wait, I CANNOT hit the water at this speed. Did I just get my picture taken? Every attempt at a scream is filled with blood? And what scream could I possibly make to distinguish myself from anybody else anyway. As I look at my feet, they are disappearing behind a red velvet curtain. The blood has seemed to propel me even faster down this godforsaken contraption. If I could just feel my head or my face and figure out the extent of my…..

OOOH SHIT WHAT WAS THAT! WHAT WAS THAT WHY WAS THAT! Wait is that splashing, and children, wait wait WAIT I gotta just turn around!


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