A Perfect Pirouette 

On the stage of life, she danced with grace,

Twirling in the spotlight, a beaming face.

Each step told a tale of joy and strife,

A ballet of battles on the dance floor of life.

She moved with a rhythm everyone could hear,

To those who watched, her happiness was clear.

A radiant smile always on her face,

But her heart, a baron place, where only shadows embrace.

In the masquerade of joy, she wore her mask,

Wondering how long her performance could last.

But no one ever asked, so she’d never tell,

She danced on, hiding the pain that she felt.

The crowd watched on, enraptured by her art,

Unaware of the shadows in her heart.

With every leap, she soared above her tears.

Such a perfect pirouette she’s spun for all these years.

As the final act drew to a close,

She took her bow, in poised repose.

Among the roaring applause, a silent tear fell,

Reflecting the untold story she could never tell.

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