Something about this place… It had felt off as soon as she had stepped onto the dock.

She followed her friend Skylar to the edge of the water. The wood was damp with lake water and mist hung in the air. She could smell the wet earth. All the trees had been stripped bear by early Winter. Piles of dead and decaying leaves sat unmoving. The only sign of life around the lake was the occasional twitter of a bird, chatter of a squirrel, or a ripple on the lake’s surface.

Today, the lake was still and glassy. The air was humid, making it uncharacteristically warm, considering the fact that it was late Winter.

“Come on, Livi! You’re not gonna die.” Urged Skylar.

Livi glanced at her friend, utterly confused of why Skylar could ever want to come to this place. Livi couldn’t imagine what was going through Skylar’s head.

“Skylar, am I the only person here that remembers what happened here?” Livi said, her voice small.

Skylar’s expression softened a small amount, but even then, Livi knew Skylar wasn’t planning on turning back now.

“Just a quick look!” Skylar pleaded. As if Livi had any control whatsoever over the situation.

As they walked further down the dock, Livi felt her body grow weak. Her brain clouded with fear and she felt like throwing up.

She glanced down despite herself. She could see the slight outline of bloodstains on the wood, faded by water and time.

She couldn’t go any further. She stumbled backwards, unable to keep her balance.

“I’m sorry.” Livi squeaked. “I can’t do this.”

She turned and started to flee.

“Wait-“ She heard Skylar, but then the sound was cut off.

It got her. Livi didn’t have to turn around. She knew it by the screams. She knew it by the sound of water splashing.

She had seen it before.

She wasn’t going to see it again.

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