Like Sheep

Must we all follow like sheep

And do the same all others do?

What if I’m still single

At the age of thirty-two?

Finished school very late

Got my first job at twenty-five

And I was already thirty

When I learned how to drive.

Is there really a pattern

That we all have to follow?

Job, marriage, then kids

As if there was no tomorrow.

And if I’m quiet they’ll ask

If there’s any problem with me

I just don’t like speaking much

It’s no disease, don’t you see?

What if some of us

Aren’t meant to be in a flock?

Everybody is in their journey

No need to disdain and mock.

We’re free to choose our paths

Don’t tell us what to do

Society’s rules can be nasty

But I don’t live according to you.

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