Sunset Vibes

The world, before, was a dark, dark place. There was only an orange tree growing all alone in the earth where it was planted, nobody knows why it’s there, or how it got there. The skies and the seas nurtured the sapling for years and years. The tree bloomed before the world knew about life, it stood in its place so tall, no one knew where it ended. It bore gifts for the creatures who would live there soon.

The orange tree sprouted a pristine white orb in the sky, it was the Moon! The moon brightened up the skies, and reflected on the seas, giving light through the darkness. But, it wasn’t enough, still, for the tree did not stop growing, a sign that it wasn’t yet time to rest, a greatest gift for the greatest creation!


The first men worshipped the orange tree greatly, the men who helped the seas, and the skies take care of the tree, with their families along side with them. They knew that the tree was responsible for the life that earth had, and they feel obligated to give back to the caring tree.

Feeling the compassion of humanity, the orange tree grew even more, and finally. Finally! The tree presented humankind its greatest creation, the orange ball of light, the one they call Sun! Slowly but surely, the sun erased the traces of the dark blue skies of the night, as it rises from the horizon to where the moon once was.

The birds flew happily, the fishes splashed through the waters, the lands were alive with animals running around on it. The bright sun leaving no darkness behind, the earth was thriving! The orange tree has finally brought mankind its greatest gift! But where the Sun now stood, the moon disappeared, with no more use if it, it was time to be destroyed.

Humanity prevented the destruction of the Moon, for they were grateful and attached still, to the light the moon brought to them. They requested not to part ways with the sphere of white light, and requested to the to have both of them. As a compromise, the orange tree split itself and half the earth sees the moon, the sun on the other. Hence, they became the guardians of the Night and Day.

The Sun continued to rise brightly from the east horizon waking up half of humanity, the Moon watching over the night in the west, and Humankind continued to worship the its greatness, the Orange Tree was satisfied, and now was the time to rest.


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