Hidden In The Pages

She was sitting under one table, and he was sitting under another. What brought them both to be in that bookstore at the same time, both under separate tables, was unknown to either of them, but soon they noticed each other and their eyes met. His were green and hers were blue. There was a sparkle as soon as they locked their gaze into each others deep eyes. But as soon as she was about to look away he started crawling on his hand and knees towards her. She should leave. She should never have come here. He got closer to her table and then sat beside her. She could smell his foresty scent, almost as if he lived in the trees, where the sun never comes out to play. He could smell her salty scent as if she lives in the sea where the waves splash in the dark depths that cover the light. They sat together for what felt forever, under the shadows of the table. Both of them wanted to get out but neither of them wanted to leave. Suddenly something mundane happened and he began to speak. They could both speak English but it the darkness of the tables’ shadows it felt wrong to say anything.

“Why do you want it?” He whispered.

She didn’t answer, until after a long pause of emptiness that felt like a dark hole in the bottom of the ocean. Then she finally muttered, “because I want out, isn’t it the same for you?”

He nodded. And they both knew they were there for the same exact reason. They knew it before they even made a sound. Just by looking at each other’s faces. The blueness of her piercing smile and the green of his amazing smirk.

The sound of waves hung from her ears, and the sound out windy trees feel through his. They couldn’t take it anymore. The shadows were too shuddering to stand anymore. Finally they decided to move from the table. They crouched low as they slowly inched closer to the shelf near them. Neither of them wanted to hide, but neither of them wanted to be seen. The third shelf from the bottom is where it perched on the shelf. And both of their arms stretched out for it at the same time, yet neither of the touched the book. Their arms fell back down to their sides and they could feel a tension. A sigh. There was no noise or breath from their mouths but they could feel it in their bones.

Suddenly something rugged on his heart and his lungs and he let out a whisper once more, “for the light” he said. And then the repeated, “for the light.” Simultaneous their hands reached out towards the book and their fingers touched as they placed their cold hands on the bright pages. They both pulled the book off the shelf together and something warm fell on their shoulders. There was no more hiding for either of them. That’s what they wanted but it still scared them both. They looked at the cover of the book and it was titled:


The light had shine over them like a sheet or a cozy blanket, straight out of the wash. They looked at each other and suddenly their faces were much brighter. They both stood up and looked into each other’s eyes, both still holding the book. They walked towards the table without a care of being hidden and placed the book face down. The first sentence on the page read:

“Chase the light, don’t stay in the dark.”

And that’s when they both knew what to do. They stared in each others eyes one last time. Hers were blue like the reflection of sun on the ocean, and his were green like the light that pierced through the trees in the morning. And then they parted, never to see each other again.

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