The Love Potion

“You’re sure this is gonna work?”

“My dearest Grand-daughter, would I lie to you?”

Griselda held up the crystal glass toward the girl. “Drink this and he’ll be yours!”

Angie took the glass. It looked like purplish Kool-Aid with swirls of glitter. She held it toward her lips. She was scared but her love for Billy was the stronger for it.

“Remember,” the witch warned. “It must be the first young man you see.”

“Wait,” the girl said. “Taste it first.”

“The young man is on his way right now,” the witch said.

“If you’re ok then I’ll be ok.”

Griselda had that familiar feeling that something was about to go horribly wrong.

She sighed and took a tiny sip.

That’s when Bill crashed through the door and glanced at Griselda.


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