I watched you pack your things

Filling box by box

Taping away all the memories

Silence lingers in the air

Only the sound of you shuffling hurriedly across the hard wood

As I stand with watery eyes begging you not to go

There’s used to be a time when I thought we would see it through to the end

But your heart is as shallow as my hope for that is now

It is all I can do to stand here

Playing pretend

Acting as if there’s not a searing pain in my chest

I see no remorse in your eyes

As I look past the blurry tears in my own

I am drowning in sorrow

While you are rushing to get away from me

I watch you take the last box out the door

Turning around to face me

I willed you to say something


Urging with my eyes for you to stay

Your lips parted if only for a moment

Before the thought disappeared as quickly as it came

Final whispers wondered away without care

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