My Sweet Dragonkind

Watching as a flock of dragons flies above the city, you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see your beloved dragon tamer with a bouquet in their hands. It’s Picchu. His arm extends as he offers you the bouquet. You notice that in his other arm, he holds his dragontooth helmet. You realise that this is his way of saying that he cares about you on one hand but he also cares about his job as dragon tamer. You have on a few occasions confronted him on his loyalty. He has reassured you that you are his number one priority. The future of the dragonkind and those who master them is important but if there was no one to carry the knowledge to the next generation, was there any point.

You know that at this moment, there is a mighty siege happening to a castle that had been erected too close the your kingdom. If it were to be left alone, your dragons would be a threat as anyone who discovered them would want to use them or have them as trophies. You know that Picchu is demonstrating true love being here as you know he has never missed a battle. By being here, he is saying he can control his instincts.

You don’t want him to stay any longer. You take the bouquet and smell them. They are wonderful as the aroma dances into your awaiting and eager senses. You smile and you see his smile. You see him look back at his trusted dragon. That slick black dragon that you have got to know. And you bid him leave. He moves in and kiss your lips, tender and sweet.

You say: “Dragonspeed, my sweet Picchu.”.

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