“If we get caught, we tell them the truth.” Tom said.

“But we agreed to lie!” Henry said, feeling afraid.

Tom and Henry have just started smoking. They were old enough to smoke, and had been out that afternoon after class to buy some cigarettes. Their parents thought they were at the library to borrow books for their homework.

They both got a stick out and lit up their cigarettes.

“Why do you suddenly want to tell them?” Henry asked him.

“I think it would be of no use anyway to keep lying to our parents if we get caught.” Tom said.

Then Henry saw their parents’ car.

“Hey, isn’t that them?” Henry said, already beginning to try to hid his cigarette. Tom wanted to hide his as well, but didn’t really want to.

Their mum and dad came out of the car.

“Boys, you forgot your wallets!” Their mum said. Then they both noticed what was on their hands.

“What were you two doing?” Their dad said.

“We’re sorry.” Tom said.

“I never taught you to smoke! You two will not be allowed to do that anymore!”

And they went in the car to go home. The ride was silent.

When they got home, they were sent to their rooms.

“We should have hidden it better! We shouldn’t have gotten caught!” Henry said.

“Don’t you get it? What we did was wrong. Even if we try to hide it, it will be revealed anyway. Remember that our parents are always watching us because they care about us. Smoking is bad. You know that too. That’s why you wanted to hide what you were doing. The only way we will be free and actually do what we want is if we do what is right.”

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