The Cartoon Heist

“If watching cartoons has taught me anything, it’s that all laws are optional! Especially the laws of physics!” I yelled jumping of the roof. Gunshots followed me as I dived.

“Andy why?” My assistant cried jumping after me.

I cackled as the police looked down from the roof in horror.

I checked the bag to make sure all the rubies were still there, when I made the deadly mistake.

I looked down.

Instantly, my slow glide to the ground became a terrifying high speed dive to the hard pavement below.

“James!” I looked for my assistant, and as I looked he floated behind me. Suddenly the bag of jewels were ripped from my hands!

“Sorry Andy but the jewels are mine!” He laughed as he turned into a parrot and flew away.

I looked to the ground again to see a volcano full of alligators and-

“Andy, your gonna be late for school!” My little brother threw himself onto my bed landing on me.

“Ooff! Ow! James?” I stained at him bleary eyed, and groaned. He laughed as I started to untangle myself from the web of sheets.

“We have just enough time to watch cartoons!” He jumped up, running for the living room.

I stood up, pushing my bushy bed head out of my face, “You know James, I think I’ll skip the cartoons today.” I muttered to myself, dragging myself out of the room.

I looked at the kitchen clock, and nearly screamed.

The next time I saw James, I made sure to trip him. First he steals my rubies, then he wakes me up before six!

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