Light over dark

Demons are everywhere.

Hidden in the corners of the darkest places;

Carefully, pleasurably reading emotions on our faces.

Hungry for souls to take to darkness.

They tell us to look at our goal and then see how far it is.

We try to stay away but do you know how hard that is?

Tempted and lured in so many directions were pulled

Lied to as they laugh about how easily were fooled.

Don’t let them rule.

Remember the smallest of lights can brighten the darkest of rooms.

We must attack now our deepest of demons.

Remember that Gods there and he doesn’t ever stop seeing us.

He will show us the way as long as we follow.

So spit your sins out, no don’t ever swallow.

Spit it back up in the face of evil and move forward.

Look up for Jesus and to Him move torward.

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