Finally, he was in control. No voice in his head, no ghost pulling the strings.

It was a rare thing, nowadays, to be in charge of himself. To do what he wanted.

So he slept.

Tonight, he was going to give her a real dream, a good dream. One that didn’t involve him murdering her in the alley. One where he could tell her the truth again, like he used to.

All went well. He whistled, just like he did before when they wanted to find each other. She didn’t whistle back, but that was fair. He turned into the alley and emerged from the shadows.

That’s when it seized him. That’s when it went wrong.

He panicked. Not again, not again! He’d been so close!

“What did I tell you?”

He jolted awake right as he watched himself kill her again.

“I warned you. There will be consequences.”

It was all in his head. All in his head. She was fine, he hadn’t hurt her, all in his head.

He took a deep breath, focusing on his breathing. In and out. In and out.


It came out a sob.

“You will see someday. She is a danger to you.”

He didn’t understand, she hadn’t done anything. At least, not that he knew of. He wanted so badly to ask how, HOW, was she dangerous, what was she going to do? But he knew the answer would only cause more questions.

“I do hope you got the chance to say a proper goodbye. If you didn’t though, I can’t say I feel sorry. I do love a good tragedy.”

He didn’t sleep the rest of the night.


“It was just… different this time. His smile wasn’t as creepy and he almost looked panicked at the end. It was weird. And it didn’t last all night. Not this time.”

Chrysalis-the older one-watched me as I talked, her eyes seeing past me.

I couldn’t tell you how long we sat there, her lost in her head. She never seemed to blink and she never seem to breath. There was only the sound of the wind outside.

“Well,” she finally whispered. “It would appear we’re running out of time.”

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