My City On Fire

The day began as all day should,

The morning sun rising as I got some wood.

But then from the town another light rose,

Roaring to life, bringing smoke to my nose.

I ran to the square ready to help,

As all the small children gave out a yelp.

I sped them away, to the rivers edge,

As the fire leapt over the hedge.

I looked at my home, the place of my heart,

As it crumbled away because no one was smart.

The fire was needles,

The doing of fools,

Who should be left to sleep with mules.

My home fell to flames, painting the sky,

As bright embers flew us by.

The reds mixed with oranges, the oranges with the sky,

As I wished my home goodbye.

My city on fire,

My hometown dead,

And this is the thought that leapt me out of bed.

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