After The Kayak Capsized

My limbs were turning into lead. I wanted to stop but couldn’t if I didn’t want to drown. I didn’t even know how long I had been in the water, let alone been treading water. I was terrified my limbs would stop listening to my brain and just stop working and I would sink to the bottom of the ocean that I couldn’t see when I looked down. I looked around for something, anything to hold onto so I didn’t have to use my limbs anymore but to no avail. If only my kayak hadn’t been swept away by the current. I couldn’t even see it anymore. I had the urge to swim under the water but as soon as I submerged myself I came out of the water because I saw how deep the ocean was. I heard a noise and turned around. I saw a massive ship coming towards me. I ducked under the water instinctively. I swam far enough to the right so I wouldn’t be hit by the boat. I looked back, still under water to see if there was anything I could grab onto to get in. I noticed rings on the side of it. I swam towards them one right in front of me and grabbed onto it. I breathed a sigh of relief and rested my head on the ring.

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice cal from above me. I looked up and saw a handsome young man, leaning over the railing to look at her.

“Not particularly.” I called back. The young man went out of sight and came back with a rope. He unfurled it. I grabbed onto it and he pulled me up.

“What happened?” He asked when I was on the boat.

“My kayak capsized.” I said.

“Okay. D’you want me to get you some clothes?” The young man said.

“Please.” I said. I wanted to be sarcastic but didn’t because I just met him.

“I assumed as much but thought it was rude to assume so I asked.” The young man said awkwardly. I smiled. He walked towards the door leading to the rest of the boat, I followed him.

“Freddie!” A voice to the right of us said. We looked towards it. A tall, muscled man was walking towards us, “Who’s this?” He nodded towards me.

“A girl I found hanging on to the side of the boat.” Freddie said matter of factly.

“What?” The man said looking at me confused.

“My kayak capsized and disappeared.” I said awkwardly.

“Oh okay. Are you okay?” The man asked kindly.

“Yeah. Just a bit traumatised and wet.” I said.

“Oh.” The man said, “Well, I’m Arthur. Nice to meet you.” He stuck his hand out.

“You too.” I said shaking his hand. I followed Freddie down the hall. Freddie knocked on a door.

“Come in.” A woman’s voice said. Freddie opened the door and went in. I stayed in the door frame nervously, “What’s up?” A young, gorgeous woman said. Her eyes fell on me, “Who’s this?” She asked.

“Oh.” Freddie said looking at me, he paused, “Sorry, I never actually asked your name.”

“Brooke.” I said, “My kayak capsized and disappeared.” I said answering the young woman’s question.

“Oh. Sorry about that.” The young woman said.

“It’s fine.” I said.

“How?” The woman asked. I didn’t answer, not wanting say why I was kayaking in a storm, because if I did, I wouldn’t stop and would probably break down.

“I don’t know. I’m not dead, I guess.” I lied.

“Almost. I’ll take you to Jay, the ship medic when you’re dressed.” Freddie said.

“Okay.” I said.

“What did you want Freddie?” The young woman asked Freddie.

“Can Brooke have some clothes?” Freddie asked.

“Oh yeah, sure.” The young woman said. She went over to a chest of drawers and opened a draw, “Take your pick.” The woman walked towards the door, “I’m Mia by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.” I said. Mia and Freddie left the room. I walked towards the chest of drawers. There was a mirror on top of it. I looked into it and my eyes were immediately drawn to the cuts on my face from the kayak capsizing. I chose some clothes and sat on the bed. I sighed. I didn’t think I’d be here because of kayaking.

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