In Their Hand {Pride Month 2022 #19}

An album of photos from times long forgotten. I feel as if I should remember. Faces familiar yet blurry all the same, cut from my memory. My spouse comes over and asks me what’s wrong, I show them the photos and they tell me where they’re from. But I have forgotten.

It makes me angry, confused, why can’t I just remember? It’s such a simple act we take for granted. No matter how hard I try the memories don’t come back.

Soon I start forgetting other things, some worse than others. I forgot my deadname that’s good, but I forgot our anniversary too.

They’re worried for me and book an appointment to go to the doctor.

The doctor tells me to prepare for my memory to worsen over the next few years. My spouse in tears, but I squeeze their hand tight. I will never let go of their hand again, in their hand I remember.

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