In The Sun

We spent hours playing when we were little.

Sometimes playing in the local playground.

Most times we played knights & maidens.

Always being the knight was the role he liked playing.

And I was the maiden.

Who always ran away from royalty.

While the knight persuaded me to go back to the kingdom.

Then we grew up.

Slowly but it was noticeable.

We played together still.

But we played games like grounders or manhunt.

Our go to hiding place was always underneath the playground.

Once one of us got tired we would hide out in there.

And just end up chatting to each other the whole time & not playing.

Laughs filled the emptiness of my childhood days.

We continued to grow up with each other.

Helping each other through the ups & downs of well growing up.

Then we fought over a stupid, stupid thing.

Over me.

When I got my first girlfriend.

We fought like idiots.

Thinking our friendship would die.

I didn’t speak to him for months.

At first I HATED him.

Then I didn’t and I was so pissed at myself.

I felt mad at myself for fighting after I realized how stupid our fight was.

But I couldn’t find a time to speak to him.

So I broke up with my first girlfriend for him.

And we start talking again.

I’ll never forget all the things I left or gave up to keep him.

Just keep him in my life.

Now and maybe never did I actually hate him.

He’s too special and important to me to hate.

And he wouldn’t be able to last a day without me.

He’s too immature.

But I will always treasure him close to my heart.

I’ll always put him before any of my romantic partners.

Love you, Mantis. Forever apart, I will still remember.

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