Poison Sky

As Skye sashayed into the room, murmurs spread amongst the guests like wildfire. “I heard something bad happens to every man she dates!” Two guests huddled by the trash can whisper to each other. Her sky blue dress train flows behind her with every step. “Every man in town desires her, but she’s so poisonous to everyone she encounters.” Two women say as they sip rosé by the bar, but Skye just shrugs it off. As she passed two young college boys they whisper, “She doesn’t even have a single crease on her face!” Skye almost laughed, she was 24, she shouldn’t have a wrinkle yet. Her white stilettos still striking out, leading her to her mark. “Hello Eric Nichols, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She sticks out a gloved hand and he kisses it tenderly. “Charmed, and your name is?” She smiles, showing every one of her pearly white teeth. “Skye Davis.” He motions to the bar, “Would the lady like a drink?” She dips her head, “Yes the lady would.” Skye had caught him in her web and her reputation was almost as important as her beauty to Skye.

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