It was rainy and damp in the cave. She swung her diaphanous flashlight about, illuminating slimy rock and rough stalagmites. She remained sedentary for a few moments, gauging the setting before she continued on.

The rock felt like it was boiling under her feet, burning her skin in it’s freezing ways. She carefully put one bare foot in front of the other, attempting to avoid the sharpest points. At least, maybe searchers would be able to follow the glimmering drops she occasionally left. It was hard to tell pointy from dull when everything was wet and cold and dark, but at least the pain of mishap wasn’t able to electrify her numbed nerves.

She continued on slowly, the cave frustratingly static. It didn’t go down, up, or realized change in space. Her body was so cold that she didn’t notice the water until her knees were brushing the surface. Yet, she refused to turn back.

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