“You’ve got the wrong guy!” he shouted, dazed and confused. With a throbbing headache and queasy stomach he struggled to free himself from the zip tie restraints fastening his wrists and ankles to the kitchen chair. Through blurry eyes he attempted to recognize the two little men who stood silently before him. “Who are these tiny people and how did they get the drop on me?” he thought to himself, “What could I have possibly done to get myself into this situation?” his brain in a fog from the events which occurred the prior evening. All he could vaguely recall was receiving instructions to meet for drinks with a small group of people, or was it a group of small people? “Can you tell me what this is all about?” he pleaded to his miniature captors who simply ignored his cries. Suddenly another tiny person with a female figure entered the room and gestured for the others to vacate. “Who are you and why am I here?!” he screamed allowed. “SILENCE!” she squeaked. “I will be the one asking the questions giant!”

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