So, I was just down the road the other day, staring at the sun, minding my own business when - - - there's someone who looks just like me standing right there! One second...ouch! Okay, that was just my reflection. Anyway, where was I? Oh, did you know if you turn your head upside down, you can actually see better? Me either. Last time I tried that, people laughed at me.

What's that?!

Hmmm. Okay, well, that was strange. So many things to keep an eye on around here.

I like to find food just laying around and then poke at it for like a good 7 seconds before eating it.

Random thought: what happens if you're stuck in a glass building? Freedom’s right there, but you can't get to it. My head hurts.

Oh! There's a bug! Fascinating...not anymore. Moving on.

I like trees. They seem so tall and sturdy and safe.

Crazy weather we’re having today, isn't it? Could just blow you away. I don't like being out in it, but what can you do? Food to buy, food to eat.

Oh! I heard there's a lady in the park handing out- - - is that a crumb? Oof! Hello! Hello! Hello! Okay, is it just me or is the world going too fast?

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