Mental Warfare

Thing one- “Hello”

Thing two- What is it?

Thing three- ‘There is an emergency’

“What happened?”

‘The human is having doubts’

What about?

‘About keeping going through the pain’

“But they’ve been through worse”

Why give up now?

‘Because they think they’ve seen enough’

But there is unlimited to see

“Unlimited! Vast! Forever to see’”

‘Yes, but they are tired of pain’

Why can’t they just push through it though?

‘Because, it’s happening again..loss’

“Awww Poor thing”

‘We’ve been informed..that they don’t believe things can get better, and that they’ll just keep losing the people they choose to be close to’

Who was it this time?

*Thing Threes voice is only heard by the other two*

“Oh dear!”

Oh no!

‘Yes..we expected big things from them, but they turned their back on our human’

“I can’t even imagine what their Things were thinking of!”

Yeah..our human really needed them

‘I know..but, we need to go to the Thing-net and find their Things, maybe have hope in them coming back’

“I doubt it..”

Wow, our human is definitely wearing off on us

‘We need to fix it before it goes any further’

I agree, but..why did they leave us?

‘Because they thought our human wasn’t enjoying them any longer’

“But it’s not our humans fault they are so solitary!”

Right! Our human has never truly got to experience affection, so they’re just handling it differently!

‘They don’t know that though’

“Maybe..” *clicks a few buttons*

‘That won’t work..we need them back for our human to actually be able to process life, and living’

But do we really?

“I agree with Three..”


“Because, they were so important to our human, but then they left them. It’s not fair to our human, to have to go through so much pain and suffering”

Life’s not fair

“True, but our human needs a break”

‘They were on the verge of one with them, but now they’re right back where they started…’

(My mental warfare looks something like this 💀 this was like..last night, right now..they’re in the middle of an all out war, my head really does hurt 😬)

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