mama and papa were so happy when i was five years old and i produced my first jewel. gramma was really sick and when i handed her my very first emerald she got all better. when i was six, i had a steady stream of clients begging to be healed. i produced probably around 12-15 stones a day, and every sparkling stone i gave, someone's suffering would be eased. but mama and papa began to realize that my jewels weren't the typical healing gems. they came with a curse. gramma was on an airplane two weeks after i gave her the emerald. they were shot out of the sky. my parents didn't make the connection at first, but after my seventh birthday, all the clients that purchased my stones had died from mysterious reasons that none of us could understand. they decided to hold an experiment. they brought in two test subjects: one that i would be healing with an amethyst and another that mama would be healing with a pearl. the man with the paralyzed leg was healed instantly by mama's pearl. the woman who had a large area of burn tissue was soothed by my amethyst. we tracked the woman for days. by the thirteenth day, mama and papa were ready to release their suspicions. but in the evening of the fourteenth, the woman was found dead in her bed, veins of blue and green streaking up her face. mama and papa were devastated. they didn't want to do this...but they did. i screamed with protestations and pain as they pulled my healing magic straight out of my body. all the energy was sucked into a bright orange citrine jewel and i cried out "how could you" they took me like a rag doll up the stairs, their faces grim and shaded with melancholy. im just a normal girl now, born into a magical family, with no more magic myself. at least i cant hurt anyone anymore.

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