The Superhero’s Partner

“Mmm” The young sidekick stirs in their sleep. A cold breeze washed over them, helping the tall specimen to wake up. As they slowly flutter their eyes open, a soothing voice could be heard behind them “mornin’~” the voice was familiar yet unrecognisable due to the tired state the young one was in, though a small smile curled upon the raven-haired friend. Their eyes blurry, unable to see the said person, although rubbing their eyes seemed to do the trick. The sidekicks lover was present in front of them, both — hero and apprentice — smiling the same way as they did once they met for the first time. Later on in the day they received a message saying they were needed. As soon as they read the message the hero put on his outfit — the only thing people could recognise them by as they always wore a mask — and dashed towards the area where a supposedly “extremely evil villain” was hiding out, once the superhero and their sidekick had defeated the villain as they had everyday for as long as they can remember. They finished off the day quietly doing random activities to occupy them and cure their minds from endless boredom, although at the end of the day they still had each other.


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