Report #458-Perfection.

They were perfect. Paragons. Something humanity could scarcely fathom.

Yet,they lowered themselves. Became integrated into our society. Contained themselves for generations within us. They became the odd traits.

That one perfect person who had a heart of gold,yet was shunned. Why do you think we shun them?

Because they are a superior race. They have an inability to be flawed. And we,we are scared of their absolute perfection.

What we used to call aliens. The perfect race.

However,they were incredible,able to hide and intermingle with humanity. Now,generations later,they’re back.

Cunning. That’s the perfect word to describe their smarts. Every now and then,a person unexplainably goes missing,yet it never makes any news.

That’s them.

Ignore the news,their claims of a mass kidnaping. No.

It’s the gods claiming back what belongs to them. And we should not fight. They are far above us.