The Happiest Person In The World

β€œI think i just met the happiest person in the world!” She cheered.

β€œWho, you?” I ask. β€œWhy are you so upbeat all of a sudden?”

β€œMaybe his happiness rubbed off on me! He was very happy!” She suggested.

β€œWho?” I ask, she ignored me.

I’ve never seen her this happy, she’s usually so cynical, always sees the worst in things. I watch as she skips around, what’s gotten into her. I grabb her arm to get her attention.

β€œWho do you think is the happiest person in the world!?” I ask again.

Her expression changed, it went from happy to terrified. She stared at me as if wondering who I was.

β€œWhat happened!?” She asked confused and scared. β€œHow did I get here!? Where is he!?”

β€œWhere is who?”

β€œThe happiest person in the world!”

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