Today was fish tacos for lunch. Now I hope you know I hate fish tacos, sorry to those who do. But today is the one day I’ll ever chose them since I have very unexpectedly turn into a mermaid every time water touches my skin. I have become rather accustom to my many random powers. Like just yesterday I had the chance to turn into any animal, that was great. But now it’s this. It may be any little girls dream to be a mermaid but this low lander prefers not to have that chance. Especially when later that day she was going on a field trip to the pool. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go eat my fish tacos and avoid the squirting water fountains.

New day new power. Today I don’t see anything particularly bad. I can’t fly, no crazy hair, nothing really bad. But then I ran into the wall on my way to the bathroom, or I should say ran through the wall. Ya... sorry brother. But that’s pretty nifty to say the least! It was a lot of fun zooming threw the walls and walking into my locker! Of course it wasn’t very useful but I enjoyed it none the less!

Ok what do we have set for today strange magical body? No night vision, how do I know? Because I ran into a wall in the dark. No mermaid tail, I can take a shower without scales. And no speed. I’m as slow as a sloth in p.e I would know if I had super speed. But then it was math, second period terrible. I have barely gained a c and working for a b and today was the math test. Not going to lie I didn’t study. That one person who is looking disappointed your not fooling anyone. But I felt so energized and I knew all the answers by heart. I didn’t cheat if that’s what your thinking so it must be... super brain!!!!Duh Duh Duh! It was amazing! I knew all the answers and I could rub it in that no-good rotten pig nosed math teachers face! I got a A+! TAKE THAT DISAPPOINTED ON-LOOKER!

Remember to find the bright side to bad situations, be happy in the darkened of times! And remember super brain power is not cheating! Have a humorous day my dreamers 🧩!

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