Walking For Hours 2

When we got married we had the prettiest wedding. Me and him instantly knew that more children was the best option for my daughter so she wouldn’t be lonely. We had two boys and another daughter. As we grew old together we decided to recreate our first date. We walked for hours and didn’t wanna stop we never got tired next to each other we kept on walking and talking to each other we knew we would stop eventually. I didn’t want it to be any time soon. I promised him near the end of our walk that the we would come again. The following year we found out Jake had a deadly disease called Tuberculosis. We knew he wouldn’t live longer but he still wanted to walk again. We fulfilled all of his wishes his last two wishes were to change his will and leave everything to me and the kids. His last wish was to go walking with me together. We walked for hours until I said I love you and he said he loved me then he smiled and said bye. He right there passed on Friday 11:06 the same time we met and I saved him. I am glad that me and him could have 37 awesome years together walking and watching the sunset every day.

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