Alien Lake

Our spaceship landed on the planet with a thud.

As the team captain took the first steps onto the Goldilocks planet, I looked out the window in awe. My grey eyes glittering with a long forgotten hope.

It was like we were stepping back in time to when the earth was green. Grass (that plant of legends) covered the planets surface.

My breath caught in my throat as I saw it. Strange purple trees blew in the wind reminding me we weren’t home.

Trees, actual trees!

“Come on Meira!” Clay called, happiness radiating from his smile. His messy neon hair covering most of his face from view from under the mask.

As quickly as I could, in the stuffy spacesuit I rushed outside.

As my feet landed on the planet my heart rate soared. “Can you believe this! It’s perfect!” I cried.

“Ha! Captain to earth!” He said, putting a hand to the side of the suit.

“We hear you loud and clear captain!” An ecstatic man said. His words ringing in all our communication chips.

As we spread out to explore this miracle we were given our own instructions.

“And Meira will explore the lake.”

“Rodger Rodger!” I replied.

“It’s Bob.” The communicator deadpanned. I snickered as I came up to the lake.

Before I descended I did the basics, test the poison levels, checked for man eating jelly fish,

the usual.

Then with a laugh I jumped in. I slowly sunk into the water. I turned my face camera on with a pop.

“Ya getting this?”

“We’re seeing a bunch of black water.” Clay replied.

“Perfect! Me to! Wait what is that?” Their in the distance was a strange leviathan. It was a many eyed blob of a beast and surrounded by shattered bones.

I gasped and one of the cold eyes turned to me. My suit felt like a trap the tiny space constricting me.


My eyes seemed to fog as I mindlessly floated towards the eye.

As I got closer I kicked and screamed and begged. I threw myself in the other direction only to swim back that way.

As I lost consciousness I heard, “We gotta go now!”

“The people can’t know..”

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