The Deadlift

40 kilograms, plus bar. Shiny with dull bits. Cold. Grip. Chafe. Don't sweat it. 'WE' won't, because the chaff falls off.

Funny that I can slip into two people. Good cop, bad cop. A couple of diehards. It gets loud though, like a zealous mom at a PTA. The screamer, always got something to say.

Gah! So heavy!

Or tell yourself it's light, and it'll be just that!

Pff! I guess for now, it's heavy.

All pressure. Deadlift. Lift dead weight. "HEV-ee." I'm a ‘hybrid electric vehicle’. Heave and hold for ten. Firm—no, solid. Yes, solid and hold. Whole and complete.

But dead.

The heaviest anything can be, is un-alive. For some, that's inside, somber or complex or... unwanted. That's heavy too. Limp grey body, with thick outlines. It's a sketch. A still animation. Lifeless. Bloated with air.

I'll give you life yet! At its heaviest point—the point in which gravity meets 'matter at its fullest'. This is heaviest.

Wow, grubby hands.

Land this one. All about the bend, in the right places.

Do I need more bends? Hips, knees, ankles. Not stiff, not swollen. "Rheumy lids"—he wrote “Rheumy lids” (ooh, a titter)—image was on point—I liked that. Titter…

Gimme guilt, I laughed. I can own that. Or did I chuckle? "Chuckle", sucks to chuckle. The 'Chuckie' of all laughter. They should ban 'the Netflix "chuckle"'. I should work for Netflix, for the betterment of...

(Clang.) A wobble, no biggie.

Clanking iron—screw them on tighter! So ugly and intrusive. Intruse—intru—doesn't take much. Callow. Callowness. Car. Where was I?

Make that clang melodious! Frame it! give it boundaries, structure and strength! Forever, be strong. With a longevity of say, the Eiffel Tower. Stand tall and fixed. Iron maketh the man—well, a type of man. A Beef-cake?

Strip that down, and we're back to bare bones.

Toned. is. The. Goal. Straighten that back. Expel and breathe. Keep it smooth. Let go of that bloating, second-hand air.

So weird, I'm aware! Gah—what am I getting from this? Bend, bend, tick, tick… You're a robot. Shiny with joints that don’t creak. I'm "Johnny five, is alive!" 'Consistency is key'.

All this, from a dead-LIFT?

Gotta write that down.

Put it down. And put it down!


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