I can’t

I can’t do it anymore. She goes out, day after day, in nothing but a cloth mask and a jacket. So far it’s worked, but for how long. One of these days my wifi will crash, or a camera will glitch and she’ll be blind. She doesn’t seem to realize that yet though. She’s too concerned about helping them, the lost, the weak, the scared, but she won’t think about how she’ll be helped. How she’ll be saved.

In short: she won’t. She takes on these villains alone, without any notice, so it’d likely be hours before I’d know if anything happened to her, and I can’t live with that.

I can’t live with this girl who would let so many into her home that the intruders push her out. I can’t stay with her and listen to her try and change me, try and make me into a “selfless” ally. I tried to humor her for a while, I went to the shelters to help those in need, I scared away attackers, and punished those who went too far, but we kept growing farther.

When she would talk, I would tell. When she would push, I would punch. When she restrained, I disabled. She thought me barbaric, violent, heartless, but she’d never say it. She just kept me hidden away, tucked in a small room with only commuters and cameras to use for helping. She believes it’s for the best, that keeping me and my knife off the streets will keep me and everyone else safe. I wanted to argue with her before, but I knew she’d get me to agree with her, so I said nothing.

I’m done saying nothing now.

I’ve decided to go because, if she won’t take action to protect herself, I’ll have to do it for her. Even if it means killing every villain in this city to do it.

When I look at her I see life, I see hope, I see a future. So I’ll do everything I can to keep those eyes from shutting forever, even if she hates me for it, even if I become the villain myself.

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