It’s Over, Isn’t It?

(The following passage was taken from the very last page in Jason’s diary.)

Today is finally the day. I, Jason Strange, will finally be let out of prison. I’ve dealt with other inmates beating me up, making me bleed out until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’ve got scars all over my body because of it, so many that it looks like I tried to remove my own skin.

I’ve been given glares the entire time I’ve been in prison. I’ve been seen as a monster by many, to some, a psychopath. But I was controlled, like I’ve said so many times before. I can’t wait to prove to the world that I’m still the guy I’ve always been and will continue to be.

When I get out in ten minutes, I’ll be going to the graveyard to see my dead brother and father. I’m going to give them an apology for what I have caused. They shouldn’t have died.

Next, I’m going to try and get back with my dearly beloved Lucky. I missed being with her so much. I know that she’s missed me as well, so I’ll be elated to be her man again.

Finally, I’m leaving you in the hands of someone else, diary. I can’t let the evidence of me being innocent go to waste. Thank you for being there for me for all the times I’ve not been myself. Thank you for letting me scream, vent, cry and weep.

Good night.



Jason Strange.

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