The Party When My Water Broke

“Cheers to the love of my life!! Because she’s pregnant we have cider to toast her and our little prince who’s due next week!! Happy birthday Alanna!!!

I couldn’t help but blush and giggle. This day will forever be remembered in my mind as such a special day!! After years of trying we are finally pregnant and we will have a son. I started day dreaming again about his first laugh, feeding him, seeing him crawl. My thoughts were wrecked by an intense cramp, feeling like my abdomen had been ripped!! Then I feel water run down and hit the floor. “I’m in labor!” I shout.

The next 30 minutes were just a blur! Charlie escorted me to the car as I tried a lot to breathe like I learned I in Lamaze. He put the bag in the previously installed car seat and helped me into the car. Our friends we’re waving goodbye and sending good wishes as we drove off. “Let’s go have a baby my love!”

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