Interdimensional Wormhole Thingys



P f f f f f f t.

Aurel sat aimlessly blowing a lock of unruly hair out of their face, lazing very improperly across their chair.

“Mx. Avernus, I would assume you’re paying attention?”

“…oh mhm sure yep.” This stupid ash white hair would not stay away. Entertainment at least?

“Would you care to reiterate what I’ve just said?”

With a heavy, dramatic sigh, Aurel sat up and straightened themself and pasted an overly cheerful smile on their face.

“With all due respect, sir, I’m sure it was something important about my job on the council to protect the timeline and the space time continuum and whatever interdimensional wormhole thingys decide to appear out of the blue. Which definitely aren’t my fault, by the way.” A glare from the head councilman. “At least not always. However!” They continued brightly, voice dripping with sharp honey. “It’s always the same stuff. ‘Aurel put this bloke back where he belongs.’ ‘Aurel can I consult my ancestors about some crap or another?’ ‘Aurel fix this, Aurel fix that.’ Don’t worry, I know what you’ll say. So thank you very much but I have no need to stay. Enjoy your meeting.”

Standing up and brushing themself off with a sweep of their cloak, Aurel winked at the gawping council members with one sea foam eye.

With a bow and dramatic hand gesture, a scarlet, coral and teal portal flickered to life behind them.

With a salute and a smirk, they stepped backwards and were gone.

(side note Aurel corrected to Shrek. rip my OC.)

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